Friday, June 24, 2005

High School Reunions

A couple of days ago, an old high-school buddy of mine informed me that a 10 year high school reunion was being organised for the Class of '96 (do you remember that old TV show? Gillian Anderson (aka Scully) featured in one of the episodes).

Anyway, I was naturally excited about it all. I have not really kept in touch with many people from high-school because when I went to University I was the only one from my school doing my degree. So, I figure this high school reunion will be a fun way to catch up with people I have not seen in 10 years...

In high school I was a bit of an interesting character - I belonged to no 'crowd' but I was friendly with them all - must be the diplomat in me. I don't think I made anyone's life 'hell' but I guess I'll find out next year, when the reunion takes place. I really enjoyed high school - humiliations and all. I mean, how many of us had the 'perfect' experience?

Standouts include:
Year 7: allowing my mum to cut my hair right before school photos were taken...I was left with a 60s do gone very wrong! (She has not touched my hair since).

Year 8: having a HUGE RED ZIT on my nose that no amount of make up could disguise and so being called 'Rudolph' by a very mean girl (she got a nasty surprise the following year when she developed pretty bad acne that lasted beyond high school).

Year 9: finding out that my boyfriend at the time had cheated on me - nuff said.

Year 10: rekindling an old 'relationship' with a little boyfriend I had in year 8 (we had both determined in year 8 that we were too young for all this boyfriend/ girlfriend stuff).

Year 11: Being dumped, via letter, by aforementioned boyfriend from year 10 - and then bumping into him and his new girlfriend 2 weeks later after he had told me that the breakup was not due to a third-party. Also taking part in the school musical 'Grease' in the role of Cha-cha.

Year 12: Having the best year of my high school life - getting good marks, kissing new guys and on formal (prom) night attending as a free and single gal, and not being bothered by it in the least.

I think high school can be a defining moment for many people but not for all - thankfully! What you did then does not necessarily have to have a direct effect on your life now but I think that the values and beliefs you developed then certainly do...

I look forward to having a blast, sharing old stories and being proud of those who have succeeded. Naturally, I am going to check out "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" right before the event for inspiration :-)


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Didn't know you had such a busy life in high school :-)

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