Thursday, June 30, 2005

Make Poverty History

Dear all,

Poverty may never be eradicated but there's no shame in trying.
At the moment campaigns around the world are in full swing trying to raise awareness of a very real and significant issue - Poverty.

Why is it that so much of our tax money can be so easily committed to war, weapons and useless investigations but it is so hard to allocate a greater amount to really important things like eradicating poverty? - And I am not talking just about poverty in places like Africa and Central America but in your own backyards in Australia, Sweden, USA, Norway, UK...

If you want to make a difference, there is no need to chain yourselves to a tree or donate all your income - visit either of these sites and sign the petitions, it is as simple as that.
Make Poverty History

If you want to learn about what the purpose of it all is, read:
What we want

If anything, you will learn something new.


Blogger sequesteredgirl said...

I got emails from quite a few people saying they signed the petition, and learned so much about the G8 summit from going to these websites that they just kept reading.
We're just two people, but at least we've made a little bit of a difference. I'm hoping this weekend goes well in Scotland.
Thank you so much.

10:13 pm  
Blogger Tisane For One said...

Hey SG,
If we can touch even one other person then I think we have made a difference! I, too, hope the weekend in Scotland and Hyde Park and all other G8 countries involved are a huge success.
This is defintely something I am very passionate about - now if only could find a cure for AIDS...:-)
And really, thank YOU for inspiring me.

10:12 am  
Blogger RGH said...

Thanks for the link. In regards to eliminating poverty: This is something that Ted Turner is passionate about and challenged Rotary International to solve at their last convention.


12:50 pm  

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