Thursday, June 23, 2005

Wedding Photos

On Tuesday night, Oyvind and I went to pick up our professional wedding photographs.

Whilst it was fun to look at pretty pictures of ourselves and of our beautiful family and guests, a thought dawned on me - I am going to have to go through these albums many more times with family and friends over the next couple of months, at least!

Looking at the photos was not as exciting anymore.

BUT then I remembered that this was going to be much like when Oyvind and I have to tell the story of 'how we met'.

You see, when we first meet people they always ask us how we met. This is because I am a Salvadoran-born Aussie and Oyvind is Norwegian so they figure there is an interesting tale behind it all.

We try to take turns when we tell the story because it is a little complicated...and there are always lots of questions. And frankly, we are a little tired of telling it over and OVER again...

Every once in a while though, it strikes me that our story is very much 'out of the ordinary' and I try to look at it from a third-party perspective - it always impresses me. I bet if I heard our story for the first time I would think it quite unbelievable.

And so this attitude keeps me sane when I tell our story for the 100th time.

I am hoping this approach will work for wedding photograph showings too...


Anonymous Gregorio said...

You could caption the photos so that people can just read all your comments instead of having to explain each time. And you could blog how you and Ø met and then refer people to the appropriate link :)

1:21 am  
Blogger Tisane For One said...

You are one smart cookie Grego!
I thought of doing that too.
How is the weather up there? It is COLD here and has snowed in the Blue Mountains...brrr

9:20 am  

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