Friday, July 08, 2005


Last night I sat watching a travel show and a news bulletin 'interrupted' the programme. Bomb blasts were reported to have happened in London tube stations and at least one bus. Number of fatalities were unknown and only an estimate number of injuries were provided. No one knew who was responsible. My husband and I feared for our friends there. We have been in touch with all but 2 and they are all safe. Thank God.

By this morning however, it was broadcast that the bombs were a result of terrorist attacks and the number of fatalities and injuries were much higher than first thought.

This morning, at 3.30am my husband and I were woken by the sound of our car alarm. Someone had broken into our garage and tried to open our car by first using a plastic coathanger and then by throwing a brick at the driver's side window. Thankfully, the window was not broken, only scratched. One mirror was also scratched but not broken. Cops came around and did their thing. Things are being sorted as I write this...

I am not scared or anything of the sort but just grateful that nothing happened to me or my husband. A human life is impossible to replace and really after what happened in London, an attempted break-in is such a minor thing.

My thoughts and prayers are with the British people in their time of need.


Blogger sequesteredgirl said...

T, I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I spent much of yesterday trying to find a friend that was vacationing in London. Thankfully she was at a museum across town and is on her way back home today. Although you may think of your incident as minor, it's huge when it's happening to you. It's hard enough to feel safe with things happening far away, I know it makes it that much worse when you wake up to it right outside your window. Please take care. I'm glad everything is being sorted out. Hopefully things in England will be also.

3:50 pm  
Blogger Tisane For One said...

Hi SG,
Thanks for your kind comments and thoughts - I am still feeling uneasy at night and I honestly have not been getting much restful sleep. Locks are being changed today (yeah 3 days later because our landlord did not think being broken into was a priority of any sort...)Hmmm, maybe it is time to move to a new place?
So happy you found your friend - I am only waiting on one of my friends to get back to me but thankfully it appears as if he was not opne of the injured - so that is something at least.

9:33 am  

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