Monday, July 25, 2005

New Era

Last wednesday I was retrenched. Again.
Can you believe that 3 out of the 4 jobs I have had as a full time employee have ended this way? What a pain.
I am sad, of course. I had made some good friends here and i LOVED what I did. I felt like I really matured.
But it is time to move on.
Another era ends and a new one begins.


Anonymous Gregorio said...

:( :( So sorry to hear that! At least you have not lost this job or the other ones through any fault of your own. But I am a firm believer that life has a plan for us, even if it doesn't make sense at the time. If a door has shut, another has immediately opened elsewhere... you just don't know where it is just yet.

3:19 am  
Blogger Tisane For One said...

Hi Grego,
Thanks for your words - you are absolutely right :-) I am not too discouraged - disappointed, yes but not to the point where I am without hope. I look forward to having some time to review my options to decide on 'what's next'..Hugs!

10:33 am  
Blogger sequesteredgirl said...

I had to leave a job not too long ago that I really enjoyed and it kind of broke my heart. I felt a little lost after and it took me a little bit to get back on my feet. I now find myself in a fabulous job in a beautiful country. You've been given an opportunity to do great things with your life. Take advantage of it.

2:26 am  
Blogger Tisane For One said...

Those have got to be among the most encouraging words I have heard in a while! Thank you :-)

10:41 am  

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